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The visuals of Exoplanet: First Contact have changed significantly since the Kickstarter campaign. The world of K’Tharsis has become much more alive and interesting thanks to new types of plants, animals, rocks and other remarkable assets. Much of this progress wouldn’t be possible without our talented art director — Ivan Taranenko, who is going to tell you about his art career and his work on Exoplanet.

арт-директорI’m watching you freelancer

I was interested in drawing, as well as in video games since my childhood, but after graduating high school I didn’t even think about game development career and started studying software engineering in a university. After a while it became clear, that I’m not ready to dedicate my life to this particular profession and after getting my diploma I decided to try myself in advertisement by becoming a designer working for one of the agencies.

It is about that time that I became interested in graphics. A hobby grew into a passion and I realized that this is how I want to earn my livelihood.

New alpha is right around a corner

Hello, space cowboys!

The world of K’Tharsis has been through many changes since the last alpha version, and today we’d like to share with you footage of a new location. To achieve the best results, our team has decided to stop relying on bought asset packs. We’ve already told you about making of cliffs and rocks, and now we also have palm trees and other cool models. While this kind of approach does take more time, it allows us to produce more unique and satisfying content for you.

Unfortunately it also means that our Steam Early Access release date was postponed, but don’t worry: in about a month we will release a completely new closed alpha version for our backers.

And if you’re interested in joining the discussion and to check out our new alpha version, you can still do this at our website.

While the progress is hard to overlook, there is still much to be done in regards of level development. The main hero now has new animations and looks more natural.

However, right now our main priority lies with quests, so that the player will have something to do in the new version.

Vintage boomsticks and some cold steel for a wild planet

We have a small update for you today, since most of the time is spent working on the main quest hub level – we’ll be able to show you first results soon.
Meanwhile the weapon concept art is slowly but surely getting its 3d model representation, and our hero has acquired not only a couple of new firearms, but also some blades that can turn the hostile representatives of K’Tharsis’ fauna into a nourishing meal.
Actually, arming the colonies isn’t very welcome by the corporate dealers: unarmed colonists – especially aborigines – pose no threat. However, not all of the planet’s people are on the same page on this issue, since guns here are necessary to survive.

One of such people is Mr. Willson, an aspiring local entrepreneur and craftsman, who managed to dig out ancient blueprints of a primitive but functioning pump-action shotgun. After substituting some of the materials to more available ones, he and his sons started small-scale manufacture of the Willson&Sons 12 gauge Leadthrower.


K’Tharsis: dangerous animals and thrash metal

Hello friends!

This year we’re gonna try our best to keep you up to date and release updates more frequently.

Let’s continue introducing more of Exoplanet’s team. Even in an offworld saloon there should be a musical accompaniment, and while last time we were talking about the sound effects, today we’re gonna tell you about the soundtrack. Here are some words from our composer:


My name is Matt (Bison) Steed and I am a Composer/Musician/Vocalist. I have spent many* years (*most of my life) in bands, and creating/producing music for a wide range of people and companies. My main aim for Exoplanet: First contact is to create something modern/futuristic with a classic feel, Firefly meets Ennio Morricone meets Blade Runner. Being a HUGE fan of anything sci fi and Ennio Morricone this is going to be a lot of fun for me.


Sadako Yamamura would be proud 

Sound design update

We’re often being asked about our team members, and gradually we share more about those who develop Exoplanet: First Contact. In one of our previous updates you could find out about our lead programmer and about his decision to develop a game using his own engine. Today, in the first part of our update our soundman Mark is going to tell you about new sound recording devices that will allow us to extend the possibilities of our sound design. If you’re into tech and videos with unpacking you’ll definitely enjoy this one! And of course, a big thank you to our backers: without you our upgrades wouldn’t be possible.

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