Nomads – another reason to fear for your life


People of Brennigan’s Landing who value their lives leave the city walls only when it is absolutely necessary and, of course, always armed . The reason for this precaution is not only wild animals, but also the Nomads.

The vital part of a good RPG


Having read the headline, many of you thought about the role-playing part of the game: somebody thought about crafting, others pondered over the opportunity to make love to a she-companion. Today, I have to admit, it’s quite modern approach to RPG – some games give an opportunity of flirting even with same-seх characters, let alone heterosexual relationships. Right… But it’s not our approach! Exoplanet: First Contact offers a player much more worthwhile pastimes. This entry is devoted to another important part of RPG which we’ve been recently working on.

More interactivity!


We brought to realization the new elements of the game, responsible for enhancing the interactivity of the game world. The both two elements are vital, as they directly influence the engagement of a player into what is happening on the screen.

Brennigan’s Landing

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Brennigan’s Landing, also called The Jackpot by the locals is rumored to be the first and the biggest town on the planet K’Tharsis. This hub of human civilization was named after Marcus Lee Fang Brennigan, a smuggler, whose private spaceship (extravagant hybrid made of several donor-ships remains and salvaged parts) emerged in the uncharted star system Tarsis831 due to the critical hyperdrive malfunction. Brennigan was not only lucky enough to find an Earth-like planet within the reach of his crippled ship but also managed to land without killing himself and a two hundreds of runaway corporate slaves stacked in stasis pods in his cargo bay. The unbelievable lucky strike followed when captain Brennigan accidentally discovered a natural antigravium deposits near his virtuous nearly-crash-landing site.

Dangerous walks at night


In the previous update I mentioned that it’s not only dangerous to leave the settlements at nights, but the walks themselves might be rather challenging. Unlike other games, Exoplanet: FC’s nights are dark – perhaps, they are even the darkest of all those nights in other games.

Therefore it’s almost impossible to have a night stroll without special equipment. The equipment is what I am going to talk about in this entrance.

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