We are on KICKSTARTER [12th of August]


Hello there! We didn’t post anything here for a long time. But we were working hard and now we are ready to show you the progress we have — and that’s a lot of updates after 12th of August!

Here is a teaser to our Kickstarter video. Tell us what do you think. You can check the full version later on Kickstarter.

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We will be greatful for any help! Please tell your friends about us:


Thank you!

Exoplanet: First Contact. Alpha build #14

Hey guys!

Here is the new alpha build!

We have many new features. And we hope you’ll love them. Have fun.

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Exoplanet: First Contact. Alpha build #13

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New alpha is here! We decided to introduce you some changes while we working hard for a new content. New alpha is not just about approving some elements of the game but new features. Your opinion, ideas and questions are always welcome. Have a nice trip!

«Living hills» of K’Tharsis


Among the many attractions on K’Tharsis that shows anyone for reasonable cost there is something that locals call «living hills». In fact, these structures are nothing but nests of Silpha Alatum beetles (wingless carrion). Constructed in a special way, they are able to cool subterranean dwelling, allowing these insects to survive in the extreme conditions of the desert. The central tower of the colonies can reach fifty feet tall, sometimes more, and underground tunnels can extend for many miles around.

How not to get lost in inventory, poll results and mini-games in Exoplanet: First Contact


We have a pretty strange tradition: one poll in a year. Thus, we asked you about user interface in Exoplanet: First Contact in 2012, then in 2013 — about inventory. But it is already middle of 2014, and it means that lazy arse like me should summarize some things and create something new.

First of all, polls are going to be more often. But before we can move on to the next one, let us talk about distribution of votes and solutions for inventory system. You can see on the screenshot how inventory looks right now. I guess you’re understand why we need to change it. That is why we asked you: «What inventory do you want to see in Exoplanet?»

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