Exoplanet:FC Alpha Build #12

The first updated alpha build in this year (and 12th since the alpha version release) brings several major improvements to the already existing features an introduces completely new systems of the game. This update sets an important milestone for the development of Exoplanet as an RPG by including the dialog and quest interaction into the gameplay and allowing the players to test and rate our approach to these core elements of the role playing genre.

The New Year checkpoint achieved!


Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you all in Exoplanet’s world in this new 2014 year!

Our development team wants to thank those players who was watching and following the creation process of the game. We thank you for your patience and for believing in our dream. It is you who make Exoplanet to live and evolve in order to become better and bigger game with every single day passed!

In 2013 Exoplanet: First Contact has changed and become deeper, larger and more complex than even we – the developers – have expected. The project made many important steps to being an actual RPG with all than belongs to the genre and it also has gradually obtained several new features which will be crucial to deliver the desired gameplay quality and variety. Unfortunately not everything has gone as it was planned in 2013 and we did not managed to polish some new elements of the gameplay and game’s subsystems to the point, when they can be proudly presented to the community. That is why you can expect them to be announced and demonstrated and discussed thoroughly in early 2014, and that is why we want to discuss some things which will be first highlights of this year.

The armored SUV’s of K’Tharsis: when a hoverbike is not enough!

First human colonists on the K’Tharsis, who didn’t care much about “botany”, named these huge animals arphants (initially it was “armophant”, which stands for “armored elephant” and then was naturally shortened to modern “arphant” form) but the natives call them respectfully by one long word, that is extremely difficult to pronounce for humans and means “the-big-ones-who-rule-the-wasteland-and-occasionally-feast-on-bitebugs-destroying-their-bugpiles”. For many inhabitants of K’Tharsis these gigantic armored animals are not only the convenient mounts but a way of earning their bread and butter, hunting and training them is one of the most dangerous and honourable jobs for the aborigines of the planet.

Exoplanet:FC Alpha Build #11

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In this build we introduce the dynamic sky system developed for our Sahara Engine (night sky is still early in development) which already can emulate the moving sun and multilayered clouds and eventually will support the complete day-night cycle with complex weather effects.  Along with these technical features we are also continuing to add more interactive items to the game. Some of them can affect the gameplay significantly and potentially create the whole new field of experience for the players, who like to build things. Others will provide a lot of valuable information and an access to various quests. Check for more details below.

Bounty Hunter Terminal – “Please insert criminal’s head!”


This extremely useful device can be found in almost all settlements and outposts on K’Tharsis. In the era of the original colonization boom a vast network of these terminals has become a simple and absolutely free way to spread the news, a means of communication between the inhabitants of the planet. The newly arrived colonists could use it to look for desired job, and already rooted one’s – to hire workers with specific skills. They could also offer reward for the capture of criminals and completion of other difficult and dangerous missions. In addition, each terminal has a high-tech mini-teleporter device module on board so the whole network worked as a Super-fast mail delivery service for small valuable objects (for those who could afford it).

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