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A word about rewards!

While the development of the game goes full on we didn’t forget about the physical and digital rewards. Currently we’ve decided on the posters, mousepads and t-shirts designs.

Here is a photo of a printed A1-sized poster. This is how it’s going to look:


We will send the poster size like on the wall

New concepts!

As you know, we have a new team member  — Ivan Taranenko. He takes care about everything related with art and artists. Here are the most recent concepts we’d like to share:


A quick sketch of the armored train gun turret – we don’t need to make it as detailed as the e.g. character sheets, leaving a bit of finishing job to the 3D-artists.

Technical aspect of Exoplanet: First Contact update

As you most likely know, the development of Sahara engine (and actually any game’s graphic engine) is a constant and never ending process of research, testing and improvement of existent or adding completely new features to the basic functionality. We’ve already put to good use our world editor before, pushing it to the limits and creating quite an intricate landscape, but this wasn’t enough: our game designer and level designers always wanted to create more complex locations with lots of vertically split terrain levels and non-linear paths, also increasing the scale of each level significantly. Old locations seen in our videos and in playable alpha were deemed too small, so the next prototype level for the Outpost 74 and its surroundings where the players will start their adventure on K’Tharsis has grown about 9 times in size. When increasing the playable and explorable territory like this you obviously will encounter some performance issues – so we came to the conclusion that we need to rework the terrain generator completely. In the last weekend a new stable version was compiled and we have tested it thoroughly, exploring the borders of the playgrounds our new tech can deliver.


Terrain is happy to be upgraded


Hi everyone, my name is Alexander, I’m a team lead and lead programmer of Exoplanet: First Contact, and the creator of Sahara Engine. From now on, members of our team are going to share more info about ourselves and about our contribution to the project.

We are on KICKSTARTER [12th of August]


Hello there! We didn’t post anything here for a long time. But we were working hard and now we are ready to show you the progress we have — and that’s a lot of updates after 12th of August!

Here is a teaser to our Kickstarter video. Tell us what do you think. You can check the full version later on Kickstarter.

YouTube Direkt

We will be greatful for any help! Please tell your friends about us:


Thank you!

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