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The most dangerous weapon ever!


Type 67 Assault Rifle is one of the most popular and reliable weapons in Human Space. Though it is has been replaced with more advanced designs and models in the old and rich Core Worlds, its clones and modifications are being manufactured in vast numbers on more then 200 frontier planets of humanity. It is considered that T67 and its “family” have killed more humans and natives than any weapon in the history of human Expansion.

This particular rifle is an unlicensed clone of original “imperial” T67, made somewhere in Shadow Alliance systems from the most common and cheap materials including local wood. Simple and durable selective-fire, gas-operated  mechanism works perfectly in K’Tharsis harsh environments. A  semi–automatic and full automatic mode (600 rounds/min) plus standard 30 round magazines (7,62х63mm «old imperial“ M306 ammo) make T67 a powerful weapon of choice for those who cannot afford something more advanced and fancy.

It takes only about a quarter of an hour to instruct even non standard-speaking native thugs how to fire and reload this rifle rather efficiently. That explains its “best seller» status in primitive frontier worlds as well as the fact that many gun dealers were killed by their own happy customers in a couple of minutes after the successful bargaining.

Key features:

  • cheap and reliable automatic weapon;

  • good stopping power and rate of fire (enough for overloading personal kinetic shields and stuff dangerous beasts with lead);

  • a lot of available upgrades and modifications;

  • cheap ammo;

  • average accuracy;

  • considerable recoil;

  • heavy weight;

  • that ugly guy can have another one but with grenade launcher and scope!

Real Prototypes: AK-47 (idea, presentation), TKB-408

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