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Natives got better texture and darker look!


In the last few weeks we decided to make the default textures for the “bad” natives a bit darker and dirtier so they will have more grim and weary look that suits more their role of criminals and insane savages. Now they will make a visual contrast to the good-natured natives who will look a bit cleaner and wealthier.

The origin of the native humanoid race on K’Tharsis is a big mystery itself. natives_retexture_02


There is no direct evidence of their natural evolution on the planet. They just have appeared about 6 millions years ago as they are: 2 meters tall, strong and sturdy humanoids with agile developed hands and big smart brain. Refugees of some kind of disaster, product of some strange genetic experiment or degradated colonists of an unknown ancient race – their only home is now K’Tharsis which biosphere was severely damaged by humans in their endless race for valuable nature resources.

Human colonization has completely ruined native culture and traditional life style of this humanoid race. Those who survived adapted fast. Some of them become workers in mines but others refuse to coexist peacefully with the invaders and become mercenaries, thieves, marauders, raiders and bandits. They easily accepted all the “fruits” of civilization: weapons, drugs, sin and crime. Now there are only two kinds of reasonable creatures on K’Tharsis: those with the loaded guns and those who dance for them.

These aggressive natives often look sick and weary but appearance is deceiving. They are still strong and fierce warriors who are extremely skilled at guerrilla warfare and do not hesitate to shoot first at any person they do not like.

More details about this alien race will be revealed soon.


  1. kostan

    The darkening of the body is looks reasonable. But the new face is a way too dark, so I’d take the face from the previous variant.

    1. false3d

      Perhaps you are right, however please note, that face is a bit in shadow.
      So in other camera view it will look more lighted.

      Anyway, thanks for your feedback!
      We will make some tests in other environments and correct brightness if it will look too dark! =)

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