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Exoplanet: FC Alpha build #2

We are glad to announce the first update for the alpha version of Exoplanet: First Contact.

From this moment on we will continue to show you all important changes in form of videos provided with voice comments from the members of Alersteam.

Don’t forget about the opportunity to help the development of the game directly. Doing it you will be able to check the latest updates ingame, playing the current build of Exoplanet: FC, sharing your opinions with other preorderers in Secret Forum section. You can also address your criticism to the developers and influence the creation of Exolanet: FC in any important aspect.

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 Change log:

-          The game’s logo was redesigned as you can see in the beginning of the video

-          We switched to the new audio system and starting from the current build will use cAudio freeware instead of commercial fmod library. The reasons are explained in the video.

-          Some problems with the old collisions were fixed, added new collisions for objects which should be impassable

-          New background for the main menu!

-          Minor fixes and tweaks to improve the stability of the game.

In addition you can download our first official wallpapers for your desktop. It shows the severe frontier planet K’Tharsis where the story of Exoplanet: FC takes place. Wallpapers are available in 2 variations for 16:9 and 4:3 monitors.

We must admit that our contest still has no winners, therefore ist’s current round should be prolonged until the first participant who will win the preorder will be decided.

Thank you for your support and see you on our Official Forum!

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Remember that each preorder will make Exoplanet: FC better and bigger, it will help us to get close to the high standards of the quality expected by players!

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