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The New Year checkpoint achieved!


Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you all in Exoplanet’s world in this new 2014 year!

Our development team wants to thank those players who was watching and following the creation process of the game. We thank you for your patience and for believing in our dream. It is you who make Exoplanet to live and evolve in order to become better and bigger game with every single day passed!

In 2013 Exoplanet: First Contact has changed and become deeper, larger and more complex than even we – the developers – have expected. The project made many important steps to being an actual RPG with all than belongs to the genre and it also has gradually obtained several new features which will be crucial to deliver the desired gameplay quality and variety. Unfortunately not everything has gone as it was planned in 2013 and we did not managed to polish some new elements of the gameplay and game’s subsystems to the point, when they can be proudly presented to the community. That is why you can expect them to be announced and demonstrated and discussed thoroughly in early 2014, and that is why we want to discuss some things which will be first highlights of this year.

One of the most important goals for us in this year will be to release the alpha version of the game in Steam Early Access but there is still a lot of improvements to be done before it’s happening. As usual we want to achieve the certain high quality and implement the additional gameplay functionality before hitting Early Access. However for those of you who are to eager to try it out right now, the game’s alpha is accessible via preordering it on our site.

In the nearest future we are going to present the community our first completely functional quest and dialog system as well as the dynamic day\night cycle which also affects the behavior of NPC’s and monsters and completion of certain ingame tasks. The optimization of the engine and game’s resources also has not being forgotten during the past months and we have taken some bold measures to increase the performance in the upcoming builds at least by 30%, especially on medium-end and even weaker PCs, mostly thanks to the new rendering culling software we have integrated into the engine. Basically it makes the engine to decide, which “hidden” objects in the scene do not need to be rendered at the given moment of time (“hidden” means invisible to the player, e.g. hidden behind the landscape, buildings or level assets). It allows us to create much larger levels at this stage and potentially even connect them all in one big seamless world without a single loading between the areas in the future. We definitely are going to discuss this topic in details in one of the upcoming updates as well as cast some light at the mysterious “new large location” we are working at, which was not demonstrated in any form to the wide audience yet.

We are also glad to announce that the first preorderers with the high reward tiers are already saved in our Bounty Hunter Terminal database and soon they can found their “Wanted Poster” reward in any terminal across the K”Tharsis. Those of you, who has the according reward tier, can create your Wanted Poster by sending us your photos and short description of the character you want to be the world of Exoplanet. The details and terms are included into the E-mails we have sent to our generous preorderers.


In this new year we also decided to update Alersteam’s logo and to add a short slogan to it in order to outline our developer’s motto, which you can see at the very beginning of this post. In our logo graphics we are trying to show our desire to become stronger, to move forward, to activate our inner force and thus make better, bigger games, fascinating worlds to be discovered by us and other players. Lets discuss our new logo, friends: what do you think of it and what interesting associations you get looking at the picture and our new slogan? jack_composed

In addition we also want to show you one of the most important improvements of the game’s content we have finshed in 2013 – the new “face” of the Exoplanet which is represented by the new model of Jack Sharp, the Exoplanets protagonist. He was carefully sculpted and textured by our 3d artists and now is being animated to be included in the upcoming builds. Here are some pictures to show you the level of detais and amount of work made by our artists. We eager to know your opinion about the new Jack’s appearance: does it match the Space Western spirit as you imagine it? Let us know what do you think about it! jack_composed2

In or next posts we will continue to tell you about the different sides of the game’s development and also we give our best to make the intervals between the updated as short as possible.

Exoplanet’s team wishes you Happy New Year and lots of amazing games to discover in 2014!


  1. vadidatahnn

    wow, that new model looks fantastic; can’t wait to see it in the alpha. i think visually it quite fits with the genre, especially the “used” armor (with the pock marks and scratches.) I’m liking the satchel/pouches on his left hip and i’m wondering, as this is an game in which exploration figures heavily, if more spots for carrying items might not be too much–it would certainly add more to the realism of having to carry a lot of stuff with the character for travelling, but at the same time we don’t want him to seem overloaded/bogged down by bags and such. something to think about, at least, if you want to work on the model further, but honestly if this current character is what we’ll be playing with in the finished game, i’d still be very happy. Good work!

    As for the logo, i’m liking the pixel aspect of it–the visual looks very nice and polished. the one thing here i would submit for thought is the slogan: “Games to Discover.” I love the sense of adventure it has, the feeling of going out and finding new, exotic things, and i think that shouldn’t change. I think, going off of what i’ve seen of your work on Exoplanet so far, that sense of adventure fits Alersteam very well. the thing here i would suggest change to is not the spirit of the words but the wording itself. “Games to discover,” at least for me, has the connotations of something more or less sidelined– it gives a feeling of “oh, i’ve never heard of that but i might as well give it a shot.” If i may humbly make a suggestion, something along the lines of “Games worth discovering” carries, in my opinion, a bit more power. at this point it’s all nuance, but now instead of ‘i might as well try it,’ there’s more of a feeling of “hey, there’s this really cool thing out here you might have missed; you should check it out.” Just a thought, but i am liking the overall direction the logo is going.

    aside from all that, it sounds like you have a busy year ahead of yourselves, so let me be the first to say good work so far, good luck this year, and while i’m at it, happy belated new year.

  2. false3d

    Vadidatahnn thank you for such kind words!

    This year was definitely quite busy for all of us.
    However when we see that people like what we do it inspires us to make more! =)

    In this year we plan a lot of things to do and we hope that speed of our work will be increased as well.

    As for the Jack. Some of the stuff will appear on his model as you might saw in current alpha. Guns and knifes are visible on the character. Also there will be another non-weapon items shown on his belt. So in the game this hero will be much more loaded =).

    Also thank you for so deep feedback about our logo. It really makes us to think about our slogan again.

    We are always very happy to hear from every of our fans, and read such interesting feedback with all the team!

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