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donate1 – old – Help to fund the development

You can help us to develop the game and get exclusive rewards available only for those who helped to fund the project before the release.

Wonder how it works? Simple! You pledge to our development budget and reserve your digital downloadable copy of the game.

Throughout the development time, this also grants you access to all the special events, interesting art content and exclusive ingame rewards.

If you are not familiar with PayPal system, please, read terms and conditions on its site.

Please note following important terms:

  •  If you don’t have an account on our site, you will get one automatically after you have made your pledge. All the info (login, password etc.) will be sent to the e-mail, specified in your PayPal account or in the commentary field, if you are using your credit card directly.
  • We connect all of the pledges you make with your account on our site. You can increase your pledge later if you want and get more rewards. Please be sure that you are using the same PayPal account or have the same e-mail in the commentary field in case you are using a credit card.
  • The total sum of all your pledges will be shown in the upper right corner of the site, after the text “Your contribution: …“ (You need to be logged in to see this information)
  • We cannot accept pledges over $500 made through PayPal system. If you want to make such a generous pledge, please, contact us via e-mail for instructions: alersteamgames@gmail.com.


If you have any questions or problems, please use this online form to contact our support team.


With your help we can make Exoplanet FC an amazing game, just the one we and the Commynity want it to be!

Your pledge You get following rewards:

$[group_price id=1]

  • Full digital downloadable copy of the game at the moment of its release (DRM free).
  • Permanent access to the weekly build of the game after the alpha version release: you will automatically become a part of beta-testing program.
  • The unique and powerfull perk for your hero: «Member of the Old Guard». It will help you not only in combat, but also in conversations with with NPCs and in other situations.

$[group_price id=2]

All previous rewards

  • Plus an unique hat for your hero. Every decent gunslinger needs a hat to show some style! The hat will significantly improve the hero’s accuracy and give him a reputation bonus among the locals.
  • Digital artbook. Learn how the world of Exoplanet was created.

$[group_price id=3]

All the rewards listed above

  • Plus hero’s favorite pistol that was lost with his ship at the beginning of the game. The hero can regain his “legacy” weapon and it will unlock a chain of side quests revealing  some interesting details of Jack’s past. This gun does not hinder the game balance but gives some quite interesting bonuses to the hero.
  • Your name in special credits section „Together from the very beginning!” Help us to make the longest credits in the history and to enter Guinness Book of Records ;)

$[group_price id=4]

All the rewards above

  • In addition you will get a mysterious map from a Stranger at some moment of the game. This map can lead an adventurous gentleman to the famous treasures of the ancient civilization.
  • Your photo on the “Wanted” poster in the game. Now you are famous and there is a bounty on your head! (Later you will need to send your photo to alersteamgames@gmail.com. We will contact you and give you all the necessary details.)
  • Official Digital Soundtrack with extended tracks to  immerse  you in the atmosphere of the beautiful but dangerous planet.


Use this option to pledge any other sum you want or to increase your previous pledges to get higher tier rewards!

Thank you for your help and attention to Exoplanet: FC!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about us!



  1. Efrain

    Alex guys keep up the great work as game developer good job Efrain of ECR tends
    have you guys done a indiegogo.com plan

    1. false3d

      Thanks Efrain!
      We are still considering indiegogo option

  2. FusionX8

    I’m a bit lost, where can I download the new Alpha?

    1. false3d

      Please login to our forum: http://alersteam.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=29, and then you will found a Secret section for preorderers.

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