• An open-world action RPG set in a harsh and unforgiving world of space western! Do not shy away from any job but remember—no one can be trusted. Master skills to outsmart enemies or you'll end up dead in the gutter in no time. A ruthless bounty hunter or a friend of natives—it's up to you.


    Alersteam is an independent international video game developer behind an action RPG Exoplanet: First Contact with all members working remotely all over the world.


Exoplanet: First Contact
Exoplanet: First Contact is a third-person Action RPG set in a world of space western where technologies of the future meet cruel laws of good old Wild West. Explore the vast open world of the unknown and dangerous planet, leaving no stone unturned—weapons, gear, ore, food, even a bottle of fresh water—everything will be useful for a loner stuck many parsecs from home.
Our team

We are an independent video game developer behind Exoplanet: First Contact, a third-person role-playing game set in a space western universe.

Our team is international and works remotely from different countries all over the world. All members have a broad experience in video game development, participated in creating titles of different genres and mods for several years.

We are passionate gamers themselves who are not satisfied with modern AAA titles and who are keen on creating a really good game we all will enjoy as players.

Alersteam is working on the game full-time since 2020.